Why just manage your stress…

when you could reduce it?!


Why just manage your stress…

when you could reduce it!

We Help You Get To The Underlying Causes Of Your Stress

Life is to short to be stressed all the time

Stressed and wired

Stressed and Tired

Stressed and Burned Out


  • Can’t cope

  • Scattered, Out of control

  • Frazzled, Baked, Burned out

  • Drained, Exhausted

  • Can’t handle daily living

  • Work got you down

  • Can’t sleep due to worrying

  • Stress management “issues”

  • Yelling, hitting or withdrawing

  • Substance abuse, Sugar or Binge eating

  • Using stimulants to get through the day

The fact is… Stress is slowly killing us!

It prevents you from getting ahead in life!

  • You don’t have the energy to get things done

  • It prevents good sleep

  • It puts you in a bad mood

  • It makes you gain fat (Belly fat)

  • It takes the joy out of your day

    Stress breaks down your body, your brain and it destroys your life!

Problems dealing with stress? It might not be your fault.

  • Like most people, you don’t have skills
  • You weren’t taught stress management by your parents, the schools or in the workplace
  • We many have learned some inappropriate or non-supporting ways to deal with it
  • Hitting, yelling, anger outbursts, withdrawal, substance abuse, binge eating etc
  • You weren’t taught how to turn on the relaxation response!

Do something about it!

Get Fast Effective Relief From Stress NOW!

I want to expose an important secret about stress management training that many won’t like.

Most of it doesn’t work or the results are limited with no long-term results! Most stress management training is about productivity and time management- which is good however… They want you to do more in less time. They tend to be more motivational and rah rah rah. Not us. We give you functional, real life, practical training.

Most stress management programs get you to do more in less time!

Yet, most people tell us they want to do less. However, this is a really important part… they want to do more of the things of highest value and meaning to them. We help you achieve this.

They tell you to eat better, get more sleep and exercise and relax!! 

How do you sleep better, how do you eat better, what foods or nutrients or supplements do I need? And what exercise –aerobic, anaerobic, strength training, stretching, yoga and when? And how do I relax??? Those programs are superficial and don’t go deep and get to the root cause of your stress. We do.

 They don’t help you build internal resistance or balance your physiology.

They don’t get to the deeper issues that will give you lasting peace of mind and relaxation such as purpose, mission and visions and direction.They don’t help change perceptions and behaviours.  They don’t get to the root cause of your stress. We do.

You deserve better!

And we deliver the result you want!

We help you prevent stress from building up and we help you get to the root cause of your stress. We help build up your internal resistance. We’ll help you get back into control so you have more fun and joy in your life, with better relationships and peace of mind. NICE right!

Why just manage your stress… when you can reduce it!?


We help you reduce stress in most areas of your life.

  • Workplace Stress
  • Acute stress management
  • Major life events
  • Relationships and family life
  • Home life
  • You can master prevention of stress building up


Have you hit threshold?

Have you had enough?

Is now your time to finally take control and…

Reduce your stress… for good!

Would it help if you had a team and support behind you?

Well, You do – Us!

It’s time to take control. If not now… when?


Don’t wait for life to happen… Make it happen – Your way!

You will learn how to:

  • Expect success instead of failure
  • Focus on the treasure not the trouble
  • Become someone everyone wants on their team
  • Get over obstacles, sales slumps or defeat with a new positive attitude
  • Achieve outstanding results
  • Rid your life of distractions, interruptions and preoccupations
  • Get back into control
  • Set yourself up to win
  • Get your life back and relax!

This comprehensive training program consists of 60 video trainings on these key areas that will greatly reduce stress in your life:


Workplace Stress Reduction

  • Take charge of your work day

    Increase your work satisfaction

    Reduce the BIG 3 time wasters

    Manage distractions

    Focus and get more done

    Get the right things done

    Overcome abstacles and sales slumps

  • Make it happen – Boost your energy

    15 Best ways to recharge

    Get over Stinkin’ Thinkin’

    Easily handle issues with difficult people

    Resolve harassment issues

    Lead with confidence

    Improve your leadership skills

    Communicate with power and clarity

    Lift up your spirits and inspire others

Miss this module and you will have miserable days
You must master this material if you want less stress in your day and
more joy and happiness in your life.

Acute Stress Reduction

    • Take control of your time
    • Top 7 most effective ways to deal with stressful situations
    • How to handle difficult people
    • Become empowered – Learn how to say “NO”
    • Identify what stresses you- add get rid of it!
    • 14 Key areas to avoid to reduce acute stress
    • Become a “bigger” person so problems seem smaller
    • Become “response-able”
    • Boost your energy to fend off stress
    • Top 7 ways to take control to reduce stress
    • And much more

This is a must watch module.

Miss this material and life will remain a struggle.  Master it and life becomes much easier.

Prevention of Stress

  • Empower yourself with over 25 ultimate ways to prevent stress
  • Make progress to get ahead
  • Understand the stress response to prevent it from happening
  • Learn the key skills you were not taught… but need to reduce stress
  • Stop a bad mood in its tracks
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Become solution focused
  • Learn the key questions to prevent and reduce stress fast
  • Discover the power words that prevent stress
  • Be understood- communicate with confidence and clarity
  • Make your life easier
  • Have more self trust
  • Become response-able
  • Set yourself up to win
  • Have more peace of mind and inner peace
  • Expect success instead of failure

Miss this module and you have little hope of getting control of your life! Master the material and you set yourself up to consistently win!

Balance your Physiology 

  • Acts as a platform for all other stress reduction techniques
  • Foundation for stress reduction
  • Get to the root cause of your stress
  • Build up your internal resistance
  • Prevent anxiety
  • Remove self-imposed barriers to your success
  • Stop the top 12 ways you set yourself by to fail!
  • Reduce cortisol production
  • Release the brakes to fat loss
  • Improve your energy
  • Rebuild yourself with great sleep
  • Key nutrients and supplement to prevent stress
  • Learn how ot make it happen
  • Add more fun and joy to your life

Most don’t know about this area and thus can never teach it. Miss this module and you will never get your stress under control. The ability to function well will be lost. This prevents you from getting ahead in life! However, master this area and you will be one of the few who has deep control over their life and their destiny with the energy to make it happen.

Relaxation Techniques

  • Learn how to turn on the relaxation response
  • Master the most effective and functional techniques to give you fast stress relief
  • Learn the core techniques you need to de-stress
  • Reduce the stress response
  • Empower yourself and take control
  • Learn how to combine and synergies techniques for even better results
  • Use visualization and guided imagery to make your dreams happen
  • Understand the power of mediation
  • Take control and use music to set the stage for your success
  • Relax now and for a life time
  • And so much more

Miss this module and you will remain stressed with little hope of really relaxing and de-stressing. Utilizing this material will give you control, inner peace and mastery of your stress.

Deeper Stress Issues (life direction, purpose and mission)

  • Reduce stress at a deep core level
  • Lead an authentic life
  • Build a life on purpose- get back into control
  • Have a deep sense of inner peace
  • Do more of the things of high value and meaning to you
  • Lead a life of significance and satisfaction
  • Understand your mission and purpose
  • Have direction and know your roles in life
  • Make your dreams and goals come alive
  • Enjoy life with a positive attitude
  • have a passion for the future
  • Surface your natural talents and gifts
  • Visualize success instead of predicting failure!

Miss this module and your life will be unfulfilled with little true satisfaction.
Get control of your life and density. Make your dreams come alive!
Don’t waste anymore of your precious time!

Stress and Health Issues

  • Have a deep understanding and insight on why stress makes you fat
  • Understand how stress promotes chronic diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s etc
  • How it promotes the most dangerous fat… Belly fat
  • Learn how to reverse it
  • Discover the stressor that are making you sick
  • Learn the 10 most powerful techniques to burn fat
  • Get the core insights on why most weight  loss programs don’t work
  • Understand how the Cephalic response sets you up to store fat
  • Master the 3 critical changes that cause you to lose muscle (so you can’t burn fat)
  • Discover why diets zap your energy
  • Prevent Yo-Yo dieting and Stop the rebound effect
  • Learn how stress slows your thyroid function
  • Slow or stop sarcopenia
  • Slow the ageing process
  • Regain your energy and health

Discover and explore how stress sets you up for a health crisis and how to stop it from happening. Feel and function better.

And so much much more.

This is the absolutely the most comprehensive,  

functional training program on stress reduction.

  • Training systems that save you a HUGE amount of time, energy and frustration
  • Get fast, effective results that last a life time
  • All the modules work synergistically together
  • Don’t waste anymore of your precious time!
  • FREE access to all the upgrades

The focus is simple and straight forward…

You will be taught the key, proven strategies in small, easy to digest segments which are structured to optimize your learning and to maximize your results.

Stress Reduction

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More good news…

We made it affordable for everyone!

Many programs like this sell for a thousand dollars or more. And they are nowhere near as comprehensive as this program. (You don’t have to worry, this program is no where near that price. We feel you don’t need that financial stress. )

We made it affordable for everyone. As stress overload is a major problem in our society, we wanted to make sure we could make a HUGE difference in our communities.

This program is a fair and reasonable price!


You can get started right away with instant access

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I want to instill peace of mind and confidence in you.

I know this is an important decision for you and most likely you have some questions or concerns. I want to make sure this is the right program for you. I want to make sure you are happy and that it delivers a ton of great useful and helpful information that reduces you stress.

Thus I want to remove all risk for you and put myself on the line.

Just like you, I stand behind our products. I have offered an unconditional 60 day satisfaction, money back guarantee. You have to be happy. All for a small investment of $147.00 If you are not happy and satisfied, simple call or email our office and ask for a refund. It’s that easy. You won’t get any hassle. No questions or hard feeling or push back. You’ll receive a full and complete refund.

There is no risk to you! So go ahead and sign up below.

It’s time to make a decision.

You can continue being stressed, overwhelmed and out of control with the feelings that you can’t cope or deal with life with low satisfaction.

Or you can start your journey to getting back into control. I want you to be smart about this. Be proactive and move forward by taking control of the situation and invest in your health and life the smart way.

You can have reduced work stress, a happier home life as well as peace of mind, direction and purpose with a low stress life! Invest in your happiness and future.

Please don’t let  your current stress make you small minded and think that you can’t do this. You can. Think big and think about the huge potential of this program! Many many people love this life improving program. You will too. So sign up below. You have noting to lose and a whole life to regain! 

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Congratulations! I’m really excited for you. Now is your time. I know this program will serve you well and lead you to a more fulfilling and energized life with lower stress.

Robert Ridpath

PS: You cannot get this kind of information all in one place anywhere else!

  • I know this program will help you reduce your stress and allow you to live a happier, more fulfilling life with much greater satisfaction. I stand behind it. THATS WHY I PUT MY NAME ON IT!

PPS: This Stress Reduction Program is going to save you time, energy and make your life much easier!

  • Stop struggling and reduce your hassles and headaches!

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  • I did not want cost to be a barrier to your success so I made it very affordable and “do-able” for everyone!

Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
We want you happy!
We offer a no hassle 60 day Satisfaction


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Please note: Ultimate Stress Reduction Program is a home study training program. It is video based. No physical products will be shipped. After you order you will get instant access to the training videos. The video format is MP4 which can be viewed on both PC and MAC as well as many smart phones.

Robert Ridpath 

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